Baby on her way ❤️

Baby on her way ❤️

30. maj 2019 2 Af Tiril

It has finally happened!

I have pursued Daniel into getting a chihuahua again!

For the last couple of years I have asked over and over again. Why don’t we get a small dog again?!


I bought my first chihuahua, Golden Chance, “Chansi”, when I was 17. She stayed home when I went to Denmark for the summer in 2011. Since I never returned to Norway and even though I have tried to smuggle her with me home to Denmark, she is still living with my parents. Those little dogs with the big personalities. Even my dad who calls her “a little rat”, can not not love her..


The search for our new puppy has been a struggle, to be honest. We wanted a short coated girl, with FCI papers and a pretty colour. Since Chansi has a beige coat, it was very important to us that the new puppy had a different colour in order for them not to remind too much of one another.

I have searched all websites, in Denmark and Sweden, I have googled, scrolled through endless of Facebook Chihuahua groups, found a puppy in Eastern Europe, but it would be easier to find a puppy a little closer to home.. I finally found Baby Rosie on her breeders website and later, she popped up on my Facebook. Isn’t that what they call faith?

Yesterday I went to see her. Little baby Rosie. And even though she was tired after playing with her sibling for hours, she was still adorable. So quite, a little shy and O M G, I had totally forgotten just how small “toy puppies” are! She can fit in one hand!

Our kids immediately falls in love with any idea with new family members. Dogs, horses, cats, rabbits, chickens, so even though we had talked about a puppy, I didn’t tell them that I was going puppy shopping while they were at school and in kindergarten. They wouldn’t have let me go without them…

To make it up to them, we are going together tomorrow to pick up our new baby. We will be stopping to buy her a little box for her travel and maybe a new cave? Little doggies love to snuggle! A new collar of course and whatever toys we find suitable for the new xxs family member.

The day today couldn’t go fast enough. Even though we have been at a family event, my thoughts have been drifting off to the happening tomorrow!

Stay tuned for puppy spam from now on ❤️

/ Tiril