Equitour DM | Saturday & Sunday

Equitour DM | Saturday & Sunday

9. juni 2019 2 Af Tiril

It’s quite nice to plait again. Even though it is taking longer when you are not in practice, I enjoy having the quiet moment together with the horses.

Three done, just a few more to go.

Having a small dog and being able to put her away, also means that when she is sleeping no one can see her.

So what do you think? Sometimes the one giving the best answers to you questions is yourself..

Boys going into mode. Making sure everything is sitting the way it should.

Little did they know about what was expecting them;

Zack just proved why he is the king, the one and only.

and then it was Don Olymbrios turn. (Video coming)

Once again he beat himself, but only with 0,2%. Tight race!

Even though Don Olymbrio result is outstanding, Zack’s performance today was unique. How he kept on going even though it was pouring down, how many horses would have done that for his rider? The fact that he only can see on one eye makes the performance even more remarkable, as that only shows how much he trusts Daniel.

The Danish team who won the nations cup two weeks ago got honoured again in front of a new audience.

Waiting to go on the podium again. The kids are really enjoying being a part of the prize giving ceremony.

On Sundays we rest

Today has been a resting day for the championship horses.

The kids got to sleep a little longer, as we did go to bed after normal hours yesterday.

Tractors. Big, small, anything with an engine will do fine. Fredrik is a real boy.

We visited our old hometown Hjallerup. They have the best bakery.

“are you going to the toilet or just sitting down?” Since baby Rosie is so small, the kids can walk her. Sometimes I think I should have bought two, since they both want to walk with her at once. But sharing is also good, so she’s not getting a sister or brother.

Tomorrow is the big final. Daniel has startingtime 15.32 and the last Rider is going in an hour later, so by 16.40 tomorrow we will know the result. Exciting!

/ Tiril