Hearts of Hopes Voltaire!

Hearts of Hopes Voltaire!

14. maj 2019 0 Af Tiril

Last Saturday, our puppy Voltaire had his 1st birthday. One year has gone by in no time.

Voltaire summer 2018

Turning one year also means that he, like a young horse has grown enough to show if there are any flaws in his body. The one year check up at the veterinarians has been booked for a while, and finally today, the day had arrived.

Voltaire and I went on the nervous and at the same time exciting drive to the vet, meeting up with half of “our” breeder duo Hearts of Hopes / Von Ellinghaus and Voltaire’s siblings. It’s super cool to see how different puppies from the same litter can be, in a good way😉

On today’s plan was a health examination, with ultrasound of Voltaire’s heart and x-ray of his back and hips.

This check up, is the one that will decide if he will be breeding or not. Unwanted results in the heart or x-ray examinations could make him a family “stay at home dog” in no time.

I am a quite calm person in tense and “nervous” situations (you might have noticed how clip my horse almost never shows me when Daniel is riding; I am too much of a stone face..), but afterwards you could not wipe the grin of my face! Happy happy happy!

Today’s preliminary scores looked good, so keeping our fingers crossed that the veterinarians who are double checking the results agree. The final results for his back, will not be for another year, but for now, we couldn’t be happier.

So far, his Show results are talking for themselves, we are super proud to have such an amazing dog.

Thank you Susanne and Gert for letting us bring this super cool, pretty and unique dog home last summer 💙

/ Tiril