Mini Riding camp 2019

Mini Riding camp 2019

5. juli 2019 1 Af Tiril

The summer vacation started in the best possible way for our horse loving daughter.

Filippa and a couple of her friends went on a mini riding camp by Dorthe Rohmann and “Rohmann Dressage Stable” on Funen. Meanwhile Fredrik was helping Daniels parents harvesting this years first load of hay.

Last summer the girls also went for the best riding camp, ever. Then Filippa had brought Charlie along, but once they arrived the temptation to try to ride other ponies as well were to big. So this year Charlie stayed home so Filippa had the chance to test other ponies, without Charlie having to get jealous. Have a look at the pictures from riding camp 2018 here.

Saturday morning we left home early. The mini camp lasts two days and getting the most out of both days is very important.

The girls we’re delivered at Top Ponyer and us, parents went on to start what might have been our summer vacation this year. Horse shows, you know..

Parents pulling the plug

First stop for us grownups after delivering the girls, was a super lunch at Svendborg harbour. Top weather and almost 30c. That’s summer for you!

The rest of the day was spent in a calm mode. We went for more than one swim in the ocean. Even I went out into the water and I don’t swim in open sea, unless it’s bathtub hot. Which it was, or as close as it can get.

Baby Rosie also went for a swim and was happy to be tucked into a towel when we got back up. Safe spot!

When shorts and a blouse is to warm, even when the wind it’s blowing. That’s when you know summer has hit us with full power!

Enjoying the Danish summer.

In the backdrop of the picture you can see the Storebælt bridge.

– Under a parasol, just sitting still. When did we do that last? I don’t think any of us could remember.

After 24hours without kids and total relaxation we were all ready to set the speed up again and go have a look at what our kids had been up to.

The show & a big pony

Riding camp always ends with the participants showing off what they have learned. Mini riding camp is no different. The show was set to start at 15.30, and at 15.28 we pulled up by the stables.

We were told to go straight into the arena and NOT come by the stable. Filippa had a surprise for us.

And there she was! On a big pony! She had the biggest smile and was super proud that she could ride the big pony Starlight. We trust Dorthe and knew that size did not matter, but it was still a bit unusual seeing our little girl on such a big pony.

Four future super riders in training by Dorthe Rohmann.

… halt & salute

Sweaty, tiered, happy and proud!

Once the show was over and the girls had done both a dressage test and an obstacle course it was time for the prize giving. In real show style, it was announced “and the winner is.. with 24 seconds. On second place we have ..”

The girls really appreciated the real feeling of competing and getting a golden bow afterwards. ” It’s going up on my wall”, Filippa announced proudly, once she got of the horse.

Pancake & ice tea for the way home.

Summer vacation 2019, time to enjoy life!

Even though it was just for fun, you could sense that the girls had picked something up from the competition part of. After she got home, Filippa has found a new gear in her riding. Now she’s cantering without stirrups and is super motivated to work even harder to become a good rider.

Thank you Dorthe and your crew for the amazing opportunity for our little future riding stars!

Are you going, or have you already been on a riding camp?

/ Tiril